December 30, 2010

DIY Kydex bumper

has been looking for a white bumper after I saw this
got nothing. but I got a Kydex sheet today from my friend Aaron

it's the place we got the sheet from

what I got was a 1/8" sheet which has the same thickness with the original yokomo material.

the part # is 8650K113
white, 1/8" thick, 12" x 12", and cool

they usually use a electric oven for DIY kydex job, but I put it in a boiling water for a minute or so. and put it on the original bumper then pressed.
it was quite easy to bend. also the sawing was, but the trimming job wasn't to me. but I noticed I got wrong idea about bending. all the bumpers I made were slightly crooked and need to be re-bent. the bent material goes back to the original flat shape so easy in a boiling water. the correction is not a problem execept that it makes me bored

the bumpers on 834B, 870C, and, Works 91/93 are slightly different but, basically same. and, you can make more than 12 bumpers with one 12" x 12" sheet

it works for RC10 as well

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