December 19, 2010

RC10 axles and wheels

the dog bones are identical to B2 and B3 from RC10. B3 should have slightly longer one maybe. but they put same one on the kit. and B4 axle is basically same except for the length and the spacer. the bones too, of course

from left to right RC10 dogbone axle, RC10 universal, and B2/B3 universal 

#1 with stock 1/4" axle

RC10 CVD - 1/4" axles
stock #6366 (#6365) hub carrier with 1/4" x 3/8" flanged bearings
there are not much options left with stock 1/4" axle. they would be Yokomo TH-1 with deep offset wheels or hex adapters from a few manufacturers like HPI

stock 1/4" axle with HPI hex adapter
#7365 (#7358) hub carrier with 3/16" x 3/8" bearings

stock 1/4" axle with Yokomo TH-1 adapter
recently found yellow and white wheels for hex hubs from Hong Nor (OFNA).  the wheels are for CRT.5 and work with RC10. and the offset is identical to B2 wheel's

Hong Nor (OFNA) TM-49Y yellow (white is TM-49W)

ZC-835 wheels with Suzuki wheel hubs

ZC-835 wheels with TH-1

and the original setup

#2 with 3/16" B2/B3 or B4 axles
there are a few knows tips like this one from rc10talk. and you can find more from the forum. it's a great site for you and your cars both

RC10(B2/B3) CVD bones with B4 3/16" axle and spacer
I prefer B4 axles than older B2/B3's. this setup provides more wheels that I can use. even I'm using Yokomo TH-1 with a simple trick

both axles were made for 8-32 locknut. but the diameters of the selected area are different

so TH-1 doesn't fit the axle
 enlarge the hole with step bit or 3/16" drill bit.
 I tried step bit and the result is pretty good. but I think 4 to 5mm trimming from the inside with 3/16" drill bit will give the perfect result just like they came from the factory
then this adapter fits old 1/4" and newer 3/16" axles both. actually I did this job a year ago. and still use them on my runners.

I like this mod 'cause it's still easy to get TH-1 wheel hubs. and RPM '91 RC10 doesn't need the deep offset wheels. the '91 RC10 in the picture are the same car. I'm using ZC-837 non offset wheels and B4 wheels with it. this RC10 is sharing the pink wheels with YZ-10

it works with Associated
#3949, #3950, #3972, #3973, #31032 hex wheel adapters. 

and can use any hex type wheels

'91 RPM RC10 and modified '94 Worlds
gold anodized '94 Worlds with ZC-835 wheels

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