December 25, 2010

tamiya tamtech buggy champ

I'm running this small version of Buggy Champ - Rough Rider for years. it's small. so cannot run on a bumpy track. but, not bad on the the rally circuit where I'm running my old RC10 and 834B runners

the first thing I did was finding better motor for this 1/16 Buggy Champ. sport-tuned motor from tamiya was the most easy to find. but it was not much better than the stock motor. they released newer sport-tuned SPT recently. and I was told it was good. anyway, I could live with the motor for years

 it came with the simple spring dampers which made the car run like tamiya Grasshopper. I googled and found a info on Losi Mini-T shocks. and tried it
 Losi shocks are slightly shorter than stock ones. and this would be better for running at the tracks. 

 but, need to adjust the travel of the front shocks. Losi front shocks have almost twice bigger stroke. and it let the trailing arms keep moving to the top dead center. and, they wouldn't come down

 a simple trick with shrink tube worked.

then started to find a cheap and nice motor again. a friened who knows about small motors told me to find "Speed 300 6V" motor from Graupner or GWS. I tried to find the motor or similar ones. here are some 

Speed 300 on

ElectricFly  T-370

but the shipping charge for one single motor was overkill. so I found this for less than $10 include the postage.

 this E sky 370 motor is cheap and can be found everywhere. and it has a endbell like bigger ones

 pull the pinion off
the size is identical to the stock 370 motor.

the torque and speed are great for the scale of the car and my local track layout. but I'm not sure with the response and this motor needs too much juice for it's size. 

 After I ran with this setup for a while, I went to Tamtech SPT motor and new shell. SPT is much better than older sport tuned motor in every way. try brushless then? I don't know

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