December 16, 2010

Yokomo molded wing

the molded wing from Academy made after Yokomo's. but they are bit different.
most of all. their white wings are too white.

I'm updating this post after I trimmed the wing for my YZ10. it doesn't look that bad from the pictures but still too white like a movie character with whitened teeth.

the updated pictures are attached on the bottom of this post

the original box art with a pink wing

the same yokomo wing in Team Associated package

[Update from July 11th 2015]

got more few Academy wings for a friend. and I bought a few for myself.
they have changed the package with this blue header, probably a while ago.

even Yokomo wings are not quite straight. they need some hair dryer job too.

I trimmed the side and around 2mm from the front line, the logo has been removed too. then put this not period correct Novak decal to hide the mount hole shade.

Yokomo's white wing has this attractive light ivory color.

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