December 16, 2010

Yokomo YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter

YZ-834B SE Limited Edition
Yokomo made this nice chain drive 4WD buggy at 1983 when Hirobo made 44B which was belt driven. YZ-834B was the 1st IFMAR winner at 1985. and we know who was the driver.

the 1st version came with flexable Kydex chassis and rear mono shock. also with front mono shock as you can see.

later chassis has a small bumper and batter chassis for race. but the material is still same. Kydex

RPS SE's fiberglass chassis is very hard and tweak-proof. RPS SE came with lots of improved parts like shocks, gears, axles, and nice tires.

Delta and Trinity made the chassis as well. and this Trinity is still the best one to me.

and, check my wikipedia contribution here
and the manual is here
pics of original '83 Wonder Dog Fighter

a few more pics from my Korean (한글) blog


  1. I like the signed version, add another 0 to the price.

    This is a generational rc toy.

  2. Great posts. I recently found a new in box 834b SE. The price is steep and wonder if it's worth it.


  3. there were 2 different version of 834B SE, on came with stock yellow wheels, and another came with hotlaps wheels. both are very rare and valuable now. congrats for getting NIB 834B SE

  4. Hi I recently found a yz 834b I had since I was a kid. It's just a roller
    And is missing speed controller and dog bones. It's in great shape as it was hardly used. I'd be keen to have it valued. If anyone is willing to value it met me k know. I'll send some pics. I'll probably auction it on eBay and use the money to fund my modern day rc collection.

  5. Looking for parts for YZ-834b, email me at if yo have anything for sale. Thanks

  6. check RC10talk or Vitage Yokomo group on Facebook. some of them still have the parts

    1. Yup, i belong to both groups..:o) Always looking for parts...

    2. ok, I'll mail you and see what I still have

  7. Hi there. Do you know of any nip deep dish pink yokomo wheels to suit an 870c?
    Thanks, Paul.

  8. Hello,

    I recently found a 834b SE, however it's missing the Hot Laps wheels and tires. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David