December 18, 2010

wheels and tires for YZ-834B and 870C

already posted this in Korean(한글) on my another blog which I'm building over the last couple of days. and I'm doing this again. I noticed I forgot to put Custom Works wheels in this picture. but I still like this yellow, white, and pinky picture

 the original 1.75" wheels are yellow and very cool. but they don't showed up anymore on ebay. 870C wheels are 2.0" and can be replaced with.
and, there are few ebay sellers and online hobby shops sell 2.0" tires

Losi Rear 2.0 Step-Pin, Silver (2) LOSA7378S

Tamiya #53059 Wide Stud Spike Tires

2.0" wheels ZC-80x
 tamiya wide stud tires work with  870C front and rear wheels both. so it's not a problem if you only have the front or rear

 870C wheels are deep dish. and the offset is identical to the original yellow wheels

Front narrow ZC-800
Front wide ZC-801
Rear ZC-805

Yokomo TR-8 was stock rear tires for 870C

Front TF-8 (S, M, H compound)
Rear TR-8

with ZC-800 for front and rear both. and, tamiya wide stud tires

834B still runs great with 2.2" wheels and modern tires. rc10talk forum member kustomizerz made this video
and his chassis are here

there were a few kind of 2.15" wheels. ZC-821 front, ZC-822 9mm deep dish front, ZC-825 deep dish rear, ZC-827 with (almost) flat dish
ebay is the best source for the wheels. 2.15" ROAR wheels work with modern tires as well.

2.2" 30 series wheels ZC-83x
maybe you can find ZC-837 or ZC-837W 30 series wheels. but they don't have negative offset. you need to modify the rear wheel hubs if you want to use ZC-827 or ZC-837 wheels
2.2" (30 series) Wheels
Front ZC-831
Rear ZC-835 (deep dish)

ROAR size wheels ZC-82x
2.15" (ROAR) wheels
Front ZC-821
Rear ZC-825 (deep dish)

ZC-822 2.15" 9mm deep front wheels (center)
it's perfect for 834B and 870C but really hard to find

with 2.2" wheels

Proline Champion tires were great for RC10 and 834B both. and Losi put the tires in their RPS SE kit with Team Losi Racing logo

a frankenstein with tamiya arm. during leftover build

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