December 20, 2010

Yokomo 2.2" wheels from JC Racing Products

UK company JC Racing Products ( makes 2.2" wheels for Yokomo wheel hub. and they sell them on ebay
KEIL sold the wheels with his brand name at 90's as far as I remember

I just got white and fluorescent yellow dish wheels from them. I'm not sure when I can go to the track with the wheels. winter is cold here. and the indoor circuit in my town closed forever. here are some pics

Yokomo 2.2" wheels have raised 8 ribs inside. and JC wheels got only 5 ones which are almost flat and thicker

the wheels were sold under KEIL brand at 90's. and I think that means the wheels are strong enough. actually they are softer then Yokomo's and don't seem to be broken

 the edges need to be trimmed before gluing

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my wife took this picture for me

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