December 20, 2010

Yokomo YZ-10 runner

I went back to older '94 chassis from '95 Worlds Spec (Pavidis edition). 'cause the original chassis looked better for Lipo setup. and it is

'95 chassis is still great for looking and was for running. but   we don't need the weight saving holes anymore with Lipo setup. even the chassis is not strong enough for Lipo + brushless

older epoxy topdeck always worked for me. so, I went back to it

YZ-10 with Lipo seup

and more pics with the body.
the rear wheels came from my '91 RPM RC10


  1. Nice YZ-10 there, did you have to add any weight to rear?

  2. Hi, whats the race ready weight of your car please mate? cheers.

  3. it's 1601g with my new 7" wing. I prefer the original chassis than '95 Pavidis'. the older one weighs slightly more. but better for Lipo setup. we don't need the weight-save chassis anymore. only need a chassis strong and stiff for BLS + Lipo you know