December 17, 2010

YZ-834B axles and dogbones

Yokomo YZ-834B came with few weak spots like most 80's RC vehicles had some.I have made the list on wikipedia before. pleas check this and want to add some pics for someone who still runs this old and nice buggy

the early alxes had problem with strength. and that made the axles like the right one in he picture. you can improve the strength by DIY heat treament. use your gas stove then watch it until it turns to red. and put it in the water quickly. it worked like the left one

from left to right - hotdog4 rear axles, rear bones from AYK,
and front dog bones
 hotdog4's rear axle could be a good replacement. I'v been using them for years. and I noticed they won't ever be broken or crushed

the dogbones were from AYK Race Prep. it's hard to find now. but it worths to get and run with them

the length of RC10 and 834B front dog bones are identical. but the diameter of the pins are not. you may use RC10's if you can't find the orginal or AYK's. but you need to trim the pins. maybe the heads as well

stock axles Front

hardened front axles came with later 834B's and RPS SE
stock front axles were not strong neither. it had poor resistance to abrasion. the oneway bearing made worn it out like the alxes in the picture

Later Wonder Dog and RPS SE came with stronger hardwares include this axle
I pulled this off my runner which has been racing  for years. it still looks like new

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RPS SE C-2 bag picture from ebay


  1. Any chance you would know if the any other AYK dogbones fit the 834b? I am missing one front on mine to complete a set

    1. Darrin?
      anyway, AYK sold dogbones for 834B as well. and I remember they fit 834B and RC10 both

  2. yes sir...:) Was hoping something else would fit, I have one front axle missing on on of the SEs I just got, finding another one is going to be a