December 18, 2010

YZ-834B basket case build

I posted this on rc10talk forum when I started to build this. it took more than a year just for collecting the parts. and I spent another year for restoring itself

it was bought from Taiwan at 2007 maybe 2006. I noticed there were only few parts that I could use for my project. it came with broken gear box, missing or wrong dog bones, crushed and damaged axles. broken steering knuckles and more.

I still have the picture of the parts. every single axle was crushed like this diff out drive

I had a few parts before I got the 834B. and, had to buy more. the gears and gear boxes from australia, chassis from the states, suspensions from japan. front oneway wheel hubs from australia again. the interesting part was I got some important parts from 3 different people in australia at the same time. recently I built a RPS SE and needed a few more parts. I found them in australia again. thanks to Gary and Jason

this picture was taken during the restore. I put early chassis and RPS roll bar on my resto. most of the parts I built with were new. and I got tons of garbage. it was like a blues song. I'll give this story to Elmore James if I meet him in another life

it took 2 years to the 1st run

Novak T-1X was crazy powerful

and got this after I spent another hundreds dollars 

YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter with '83 body

my friend made me new motor plate. the original one is too weak. even can be bent easily with bare hands. he made 20 maybe 30 pieces and still sells them on ebay. not much left now. so hurry up

I tried a few different color on the motor plate. red is my favorite

I wanted to try the box art aluminum arms. and he did it for me. they look great and provide better handling on the track

and from my another build. thanks to my friend Alan for the parts

key words: Yokomo, YZ-834B, ヨコモ

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