December 17, 2010

YZ-834B wheel hub mod

#1 front wheel hubs
there are 2 reasons to write on the wheel hubs. the 1st one is they are hard to find. and the other one is for the case you want to run your Wonder Doggie with modern tires. we still have the problem with getting 2.2" wheels. but let's get started this topic with ignoring the wheel issue

she, the shop owner still has tons of 834B parts. but I didn't see the left side of the front oneway wheel hubs for years

so, I bought 2 right ones. and tried to pull the oneway bearing out. then put it back. it was quite easy to do with a hammer and 2 thick books. I got a complete pair now

I'm going to translate my 834B wheels topic written in Korean(한글) to english soon.

the original yellow and 870C wheels had deep offset. but later 2.2" wheels don't. I tried to exchanged the right and left wheel hubs. and it worked. but wanted better solution to hold the wheels securely

 the wheel hubs for RC10 and kyosho seemed to be worked.
but, I didn't try kyosho's.

got this after the step bit job with RC10 wheel hub. I didn't cut the back end. and didn't have to. it has gone

 it fits like it was made for this


and after

#2 rear wheel hubs
it's more simple than the front. the hub was from 870C front

now my 834B got right thread and look
and you can see the steering from later Yokomo cars. they are basically same. but work better and easier to find

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  1. Hi, post the first time.
    I am the other day, 834b purchased.
    Currently, 2.2-inch wheels wearing do not want a lot has been trial and error.
    Now, 870c are worried about whether the Riyahoiruhabu buy.

  2. you seemed to read my blog by google translation.
    it was not easy to understand what you said. but I believe you got an 834B, than now you want to put 2.2" wheels on it.

    I can see you are japanese 'cause "Riyahoiruhabu" is japanese. BTW, you can find the hubs on yahoo japan auctions or ebay. good luck to you

  3. Yes, because I can not English, google translation for the post.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Currently, E-BAY has been exhibited in 870c wheel hub I'm going to bid on.
    Thanks for reply! ! !

    What I translated well? ? ?

  4. I have checked ebay. and the hubs on ebay currently are not the one you need. there were 2 kinds of the front wheel hubs. I'll check the part number soon

  5. ZC431を購入しました!!!