November 6, 2011

another '91 RPM shock tower for RC10

a while back, I made my own shock tower for '91 RPM worlds with my friend. see this

I got a couple of races with this the shock tower, and I noticed it was pretty cool.
then, I asked to RC10talk forum member, Jay Dub if he could make more like this one 'cause I saw he made a very nice and precise RC10 front tower with his own design.

and this one came here! thanks to Jay Dub

July 28, 2011

my new avatar

recycle means crazy sick love for RC10. also stands for endless buying and selling. haha!

RC10 image came from here

July 21, 2011

tamiya fast attack original cage parts

had a Fast Attack at 80's. I believe it was '85 or '86 when I got it with JR Beat 2 radio. I'm not a big fan of tamiya at all. actually don't like them 'cause they put crappy parts in the kits to make money from their overpriced optional parts with exaggerated advertising claims

anyway, Fast Attack was one of their best products ever. it ran well and the price was good too. they re-released this famous one a couple of weeks before. and, I'm thinking of getting one over. even I got this original cage from rc10talk member Eddie a couple of months ago

now you can see why I like these parts. re-re FAV came with black cage which cannot be painted or dyed. the black cage is not bad. but I want one from my memory if I get one again

some nice original pics

Fast Attack Vehicle 2011

June 25, 2011

how to get the teeth (grooves) of the belts

I'm after some color belts for my '94 YZ10 runner. but didn't know the teeth of the front belt. so.......... I counted it myself.
it had 170 teeth on it. but I needed to make sure. it could be 169 or 171 if I made a mistake. so I checked the length. it's a circle you know, so I had to fold it, and got 254mm length. but this still could be wrong 'cuase the belt is not a thin paper. the actual length should be longer than 254mm

254 x2 = belt length = 508
we know the pitch is 3mm
508/3 = 169.333333333

so I tried 255mm
255 x 2 = 510
510/3 = 170

then got a conclusion 510mm is the right length. but this turned to a bad joke. there was already 510 written on the belt

510 3M 3.5
length 510mm
pitch 3mm
width 3.5mm

the answer was right in front of me. but didn't know it before my hard labor. rear belt is 64T btw

May 23, 2011

Nylon Wings

I usually put large wings for the race. but still enjoy to run with neon wings from Yokomo and Associated. actually they were made by Yokomo and were stock wings for Yoke 4WDs and a few of Japanese version RC10s. I'v been searching them for months after my rc buddy broke my pink wing on YZ10. then found them a few weeks ago. it's pretty hard to pick up one for my RC10

May 21, 2011

hex adapter for RC10 1/4" axles

one of the methods putting modern 2.2" wheels on RC10 is hex adapters like this

Minsoo, AKA pargu2000 has finished this for 1/4" regular RC10 axles a couple of days ago. the adapter is an exact replica of 90's HPI product

here are some sources for 2.2" hex wheels available at this moment. some of them are listed as 1/12 truggy wheels. and, they are exact match to 1/10 2.2" buggy wheels.

TM-49Y (40849), Yellow

TM-49W (40867), White

the wheels above are here from the manufacturer website. the wheels are same and sold under different name worldwide.

and Hobao sells similar wheels in black and white.
11282W white, and 11282B for black

HPI still makes 2.2" Super Star wheels for 1/8 nitro sedans. and they have the right offset and size for RC10 and old buggies

and, try this if you want the matched front. we used to do this for 2WD and 4WD front at 90's. and still it works.
I like this. m_vice is filled with great ideas always

I'll keep updating more wheels and mods infos

May 18, 2011

great A&L info from Time Tunnel

got these nice and useful pictures and scanned images from the famous Time Tunnel guy, Tomoyuki Tanaka

Time Tunnel (closed)
new address is
his blog

thank you so much Tanaka !

keywords: A&L, Lethal Weapon, Stiffener