January 31, 2011

some pics from my old hobby

still miss them

January 30, 2011

ZD-104W YZ-10 World Spec body

Scored this today. ZC-104W was made for '95 World Spec AKA Pavidis edition. this kit came with the body and undertray as well. thin and lightweight.

same one is here

January 26, 2011

Yokomo Hotdog 4

it came at '95 with Works 91/93 arms on early YR-4 chassis. it was out of my concern 'cause I already had all of Yoke buggies except for 834B. and it looked funny at first glance and seemed to be packed from the leftover parts of YR-4, Works, and YZ10. but this kit has a few good parts for building or restoring Yoke buggies.

the wing is the same one on 870C and Works
rear axles are perfect replacements for 834B
the body is almost identical to Protech 4 which was stock '88 YZ10
Works arms
YZ10 wheels and Pavidis tires
it came from Yokomo

only 6 diff balls for each diff (50%)
sedan shocks and towers (.56 stroke)
have to replace the center shaft if you want to install TCS or torque limiter
funny bumper
molded F/R bulkhead (it could be good from a different point of view)
early weak hinge pins which are too long
funny box art

anyway, I found a NIB lat week, again

January 25, 2011

have you ever seen a broken RPM arm?

I got one. and my friend told me he got one before. the day was so cold. and I notice the shock-end screw was loosen. I didn't know RPM provides lifetime warranty on the arms. mailed them and got a reply. but they didn't find a NOS yet

January 23, 2011

Korean Vintage Race 2011 the 1st round winner

won the 1st at 4WD, and 2nd at 2WD. I still have 3 more races remaining this year. and the start was not bad. the motor was limited to 540 till last year to protect fragile tamiya buggies. the rule have changed on the motor. and it's 23T (=13.5T) now. and they made the "insect class" for grasshopper and it's friends. it was a great fun to watch insect class race. I rent my grasshopper to my friend. and he got the 3rd on the class

today's score Sanyo SCRC LRP matched

see the 2nd picture. it's amazing. 
EDIT: I noticed it was just a sample. stoopid me, anyway the cells are great. 
362sec. for 20A is actual data. but it's 1700mA not 1950mA. 
the first 2000mA cell came from Panasonic at '99 maybe y2k. I still have a few packs of them. but new 1700 SCRC is a holy grail now

January 21, 2011

January 19, 2011

YZ10 COMCOM (Fibre-Lyte) shock towers

stock epoxy towers were strong enough. but later world champ edition towers are not. I'll try FL towers at this weekend. thanks to my friend uncle grampa Al

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January 16, 2011

RCPS Turbo Mirage body

it's a older version which doesn't have a scoop on the right side

January 15, 2011

handcrafted RC10 battery holder

my friend made me this nice battery holder

the buttons made from apple tree

January 10, 2011

Tamctech Buggy Champ GB-02 suspension upgrade

I thought I got some bent hinge pins after the 1st run on the track. but the problem was the molded plastic bushings in the trailing arms. then I got 10 pcs of 3x6x2.5mm bearing from a ebay seller for $6.50 shipped. but the cheap bearings were nasty as well. they didn't seem to have the bearing lube inside.

the bearings worked much better after I applied Super Lube a couple of times. but it would be a better idea getting the quality bearings than buying the cheap, nasty, and lube-less bearings. but this nasty one is much better than stock plastic bushing

conclusion: the suspension bushings must be replaced with bearings, or the trailing arms wouldn't work someday. I already experienced this

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January 7, 2011

yokomo Hot Laps wheels

I didn't see that kind of large front wheels before yokomo made them. it was '86 maybe '85 when yokomo released 55mm diameter front wheels which became the standard 10 years later. (acutually 2.2" = 56mm)
I'm still running the wheels at the race with modern 2.2" tires.  F/R wheels both have deep offset to provide bigger threads

and, on the design.. they are super cool

January 5, 2011

Yokomo 870C white arms

ZC-407C white
the header card is saying - Lower Sus. Arm Set Cold Weather 480 Yen

ZC-407 black

January 3, 2011

YZ-834B roll bar and Trinity chassis dimensions

Trinity chassis' front end is rather short for mounting bumper. RPS front end is 5mm longer than trinity's. 
it's a good idea to add extra 5mm at this chassis if you want to make your own
everything is same except for the front end

Trinity Chassis  = 300mm
RPS Chassis = 304.8mm  =12" (extended for bumper mount)

January 1, 2011

add-on tuber for RC10

one of my friends. actually a nephew of my friend made this tube frame for me

YZ-834B box art gold arms

the box art gold arms look great. I asked to my friend pargu2000 ( to make them. they look so great. and the handling is much better than ever.  we made 20 sets. and sold the rest of them on ebay

Gibson PAF cover from an unknown year

found this pickup cover in a box yesterday.

had a few original PAFs through later Gibson picks before. and a few Voodoo's and Tim White's as well

I think it was from Gibson or could be from Voodoo. but Voodoo pickup cover was different as far as I remember. I still believe it was from Gibson. I hope someone tell me when and where it came from exactly