January 23, 2011

Korean Vintage Race 2011 the 1st round winner

won the 1st at 4WD, and 2nd at 2WD. I still have 3 more races remaining this year. and the start was not bad. the motor was limited to 540 till last year to protect fragile tamiya buggies. the rule have changed on the motor. and it's 23T (=13.5T) now. and they made the "insect class" for grasshopper and it's friends. it was a great fun to watch insect class race. I rent my grasshopper to my friend. and he got the 3rd on the class

RPM '91 conversion on FL tub. it's one of my favorite buggies.  the track is narrow. so I put this reversible ESC for 2WD class. the steering came from my '94 worlds which got MIP steering after I took the original steering off

Tires: front Jconcepts rib
          rear Proline bowtie
Motor: Yokomo M stock 23T
ESC: Novak Rooster 12T
'94 YZ10 with a few mods. the winter is very cold here. and the yellow and soft 834B steering worked great. my favorite setup with yokomo buggies is 5/64" thrust balls like AE cars. larger 6 (or 7) balls can make smooth and durable rear diff than tiny 8 of 1/16" thrust balls in the kits can do

Tires: front Losi Blockhead
          rear Losi Bar Codes
Motor: Speed Passion V3 13.5T
ESC: LRP Sphere comp. 2007 edition
maybe it's the best trick for the race.
hot pack rules!


  1. Nice results mate well done :) the wing on the YZ-10 looks to be Associated like mine but wider than my 5" can you tell me part number for the type you run? thanks.

  2. it's the 7" wing from AE. I found one in my parts box. and tower still sells it

    thanks my friends

  3. Awesome thanks I'll order a couple in.