January 10, 2011

Tamctech Buggy Champ GB-02 suspension upgrade

I thought I got some bent hinge pins after the 1st run on the track. but the problem was the molded plastic bushings in the trailing arms. then I got 10 pcs of 3x6x2.5mm bearing from a ebay seller for $6.50 shipped. but the cheap bearings were nasty as well. they didn't seem to have the bearing lube inside.

the bearings worked much better after I applied Super Lube a couple of times. but it would be a better idea getting the quality bearings than buying the cheap, nasty, and lube-less bearings. but this nasty one is much better than stock plastic bushing

conclusion: the suspension bushings must be replaced with bearings, or the trailing arms wouldn't work someday. I already experienced this

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