January 26, 2011

Yokomo Hotdog 4

it came at '95 with Works 91/93 arms on early YR-4 chassis. it was out of my concern 'cause I already had all of Yoke buggies except for 834B. and it looked funny at first glance and seemed to be packed from the leftover parts of YR-4, Works, and YZ10. but this kit has a few good parts for building or restoring Yoke buggies.

the wing is the same one on 870C and Works
rear axles are perfect replacements for 834B
the body is almost identical to Protech 4 which was stock '88 YZ10
Works arms
YZ10 wheels and Pavidis tires
it came from Yokomo

only 6 diff balls for each diff (50%)
sedan shocks and towers (.56 stroke)
have to replace the center shaft if you want to install TCS or torque limiter
funny bumper
molded F/R bulkhead (it could be good from a different point of view)
early weak hinge pins which are too long
funny box art

anyway, I found a NIB lat week, again

and few more pictures from the kit I split for my 870C build a couple of years ago


  1. Thats pretty cool I haven't seen one in a while, how much are those selling for these days?

  2. it was sold for $200 to $250 while YZ10 was $380 15 years ago. but it's sold for less than $300. and YZ10 is $$$ you know