February 17, 2011

lexan chain cover for YZ-834B

the chain cover is only for protect cables and wires from the chain. but it's hard to find these days. I made one myself from 1mm thick lexan sheet. the first attempt was not far from the original cover except it didn't have the rear end screw hole

there was no issue from the test run with the new cover. but I felt that I had to add something to hold the cover securely. it looks bad as you can see. BTW, the white parts is a leftover from RPM steering for RC10

I'm building a new 834B from new parts. so I still need a better solution for this chain cover issue. and the result came like this

now, my backup runner looks better than ever with the lexan cover. it is great. and it is cool. and it's a fun to watch the running chain and pulley through the transparent cover


  1. thanks Matt, it's better than the original black cover to me

  2. 저도 하나 만들어주세요..ㅠㅠ - free

  3. 이번에 만드려고 했는데 1mm 판이 없어서요. 미국에 있는 친구한테 대량생산 때문에 오리지날하고 제가 만든거하고 보내두었습니다.