February 17, 2011

Wonder Dog Fighter wing from #6188

early Dog Fighter 834B came with a small wing which was from RC-12EX. I still have the original from AE. later Wonder Dog Fighter 834B came with a large wing. you can see the pictures here

the wing I got from AE #6188 sprint wing kit

I noticed the shape was pretty much close to 834B large wing while I made this
unfortunately I noticed it after I cut the #6188 sprint wing.

opened another #6188 today. actually the 1mm lexan sheet for the chain cover was from #6189 which had more parts like 2 wing wires, buttons, and longer wing tubes in the package

got another 1mm thick lexan sheet from the bag. and the leftover from the chain cover build

the wing came here only a few minutes after I opened the wing kit. the shape is not identical to the original. but close. and the width is identical

I found this BRP wing wire kit in my parts box. and put the wire on the 834B. #5247 is for RC10. but fits 834B as well.

more pics with Hot Laps wheels & tires

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