March 30, 2011

what I found today

bought a new book shelf a couple of days ago. and I got it delivered today. moved my lazy butt and started to group, split, and move the books to the new shelf. but it turned to a pleasure when I found the manuals had been sleeping in a large envelope for 20 years. found some decals from 90's and some of the missing pages from 80's japanese magazines too

March 24, 2011

playing with Hot Laps

then back to normal. thanks Jason

March 16, 2011

new shock tower design for '91 RPM RC10

'91 RPM RC10 runs great on certain tracks with it's long arms. but never liked to cut the body for fitting the front shock tower. so, I tried a new shock tower weeks ago

it's the typical '91 front shock tower. and the body has to be cut with this setup

my rc buddy drew this during his T2 buggy project. you can see why we like this design. don't have to trim the body. but still got a problem. and I moved to the 2nd design 

and the result was like this. the left one got the shock towers from the drawing. I ran my '91 RC10 with the tower at the track. and didn't get any issue. a few more pictures are here.

here goes another drawing we started after I came back from the track. it's a mixture from the original PRM's and the 1st version, plus some tweaks. this one is the one in my mind. 

and the idea came true like this

March 10, 2011

Hot Laps 834B front wheel hubs

hot laps made nice wheels for 834B and RC10. and, there were a few more parts from them include the oneway wheel hubs. the header says it was made of magnesium which is lighter than aluminum

the reason I got the hubs is the shape. the offset is identical to the originals. but Hot Laps hubs allow to adjust the offset by switching with the each side, right to left and left to right

like this

the offset is quite right with modern 2.2" wheels

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March 5, 2011


got a new shell for tamtech buggy champ.