March 30, 2011

what I found today

bought a new book shelf a couple of days ago. and I got it delivered today. moved my lazy butt and started to group, split, and move the books to the new shelf. but it turned to a pleasure when I found the manuals had been sleeping in a large envelope for 20 years. found some decals from 90's and some of the missing pages from 80's japanese magazines too


  1. Awesome, Orion activated I remember those decals along with the LRP and the Schumacher looks like a set for the BossCat? I must try dig my folder out see what decals I still have left.

  2. my friends took most of the decals off me yesterday. haha. but still have the Orion. cannot remember on the Schumacher decal but I believe it came from late 90's

  3. Yea I'm 90% sure its a BossCat set