April 26, 2011

some nice action pics from race 23rd April

met a nice guy with a giant white lens at the track. I ran 2 RC10s with one body. and he sent me these nice pictures. thanks to my new RC buddy

RC10 front shock tower for .89 shocks

it's my main runner with the custom shock tower for .89 shock bodies and .71 shafts. it was designed by rc10talk forum member aeiou, Paul and made by Fibre-Lyte. actually it   was designed for .80 shaft. but I put .71 shafts and I believe my choice is right

these epoxy towers were designed and made by Jay Dub who was Schumacher team driver at 90's. I prefer epoxy than carbon fiber for some reasons. and this new tower is exactly what I want

put .71 shaft too. and I'll try .80 shaft later. I need to put 1.18 rear shocks with this setup. and will go to 1.32 rear shocks with .80 front shafts
the top position is exactly same with stock shock towers and shocks. also it's identical to B2/B3's

April 25, 2011

RC10 '91 Worlds #2

got another set of RPM arms from ebay seller Jim. and put them on my custom worlds. maybe '94 worlds shows better response on the track. but I can't stop to run '91 worlds. so I needed one more

April 13, 2011

redesigned '91 shock tower - phase II, actually final

new '91 shock tower phase II

sent my tower to a custom parts shop for duplicating with different materials a couple of weeks ago. and got the result today. the shape is pretty much close to my original

update: they forgot to send me the original. and I got mine today. I still like mine than the towers from the shop. but their works was not that bad except for the nose brace holes

my favorite wing mounts and buttons

Matt reminds me that I put these buttons and mounts on my yoke runners. the purple mounts on my MX-4 and '94 YZ10 came from Trinity. also the gold wing buttons are my favorite. only have 2 sets of each buttons and mounts. and want to find more. only the problem is.. I cannot remember which company made the buttons. haha

April 12, 2011

my old MX-4

I bought this MX-4 at the first day it came from the factory. I remember it was April maybe May '98. and it's still one of my favorites. actually I was faster with Losi XX4. but mostly raced with this MX-4. and I could learn more about race and setup from this beauty. everything is still fine except for the rear tires on the front wheel.

 this trick is great for protecting the spur. the first batch came without this foam in the boxes. and they started to put this in the kits a couple of months later from the release

April 8, 2011

another RC10 Worlds

still need a front shock tower for .89 shocks. but pretty much finished. more runners are here

April 5, 2011

epoxy chassis for 834B

my order delivered today! they are epoxy chassis with 2 different thickness for YZ-834B. the weight of 3.3mm chassis is almost identical to PRS chassis. and 2mm one is light as Trinity's in the center. new chassis were made after Trinity's but add 4mm on the nose for secure bumper mounting like RPS did on their chassis