April 12, 2011

my old MX-4

I bought this MX-4 at the first day it came from the factory. I remember it was April maybe May '98. and it's still one of my favorites. actually I was faster with Losi XX4. but mostly raced with this MX-4. and I could learn more about race and setup from this beauty. everything is still fine except for the rear tires on the front wheel.

 this trick is great for protecting the spur. the first batch came without this foam in the boxes. and they started to put this in the kits a couple of months later from the release


  1. Very cool, I'd like to find a MX-4 someday

  2. get it while it's still cheap. I believe they will start to collect this pretty soon. maybe already started

  3. Yes you may be right I don't know why they aren't as collectable as the YZ-10 but I'll be keeping my eye out for for one. A couple of questions about the last photo..

    1) The black spring clamps those are the Associated B2 ones? they have rounded edges where the screw fits through, is there a different part number for those please?

    2) The wing mounts, do you know who makes those? I have a set on my car also, I thought it was Trinity who made them but I may be wrong, I have Trinity wing buttons though.


  4. hope you get a nice one Matt. and the clamps were came from AE. I put them instead of stock snap rings. replaced the shocks too as you can see.

    I like the wing mounts. put a couple of sets on my Yoke runners. yes, Trinity made them.

    what kind of wing buttons do you have? Trinity made a couple of different ones.

  5. Cool thanks I was pretty sure it was Trinity who made them, check my post 'wing it' on my blog for the photo

  6. found

    I had the same buttons in purple

  7. Yes thats the post, they were actually purple but I removed the anodizing and polished them, I also have a new in packet set of blue ones.

  8. nice job. I had blue ones too. but cannot find them anymore. I just put some more pics of my mounts and buttons. enjoy it