April 26, 2011

RC10 front shock tower for .89 shocks

it's my main runner with the custom shock tower for .89 shock bodies and .71 shafts. it was designed by rc10talk forum member aeiou, Paul and made by Fibre-Lyte. actually it   was designed for .80 shaft. but I put .71 shafts and I believe my choice is right

these epoxy towers were designed and made by Jay Dub who was Schumacher team driver at 90's. I prefer epoxy than carbon fiber for some reasons. and this new tower is exactly what I want

put .71 shaft too. and I'll try .80 shaft later. I need to put 1.18 rear shocks with this setup. and will go to 1.32 rear shocks with .80 front shafts
the top position is exactly same with stock shock towers and shocks. also it's identical to B2/B3's

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