May 21, 2011

hex adapter for RC10 1/4" axles

one of the methods putting modern 2.2" wheels on RC10 is hex adapters like this

Minsoo, AKA pargu2000 has finished this for 1/4" regular RC10 axles a couple of days ago. the adapter is an exact replica of 90's HPI product

here are some sources for 2.2" hex wheels available at this moment. some of them are listed as 1/12 truggy wheels. and, they are exact match to 1/10 2.2" buggy wheels.

TM-49Y (40849), Yellow

TM-49W (40867), White

the wheels above are here from the manufacturer website. the wheels are same and sold under different name worldwide.

and Hobao sells similar wheels in black and white.
11282W white, and 11282B for black

HPI still makes 2.2" Super Star wheels for 1/8 nitro sedans. and they have the right offset and size for RC10 and old buggies

and, try this if you want the matched front. we used to do this for 2WD and 4WD front at 90's. and still it works.
I like this. m_vice is filled with great ideas always

I'll keep updating more wheels and mods infos