May 23, 2011

Nylon Wings

I usually put large wings for the race. but still enjoy to run with neon wings from Yokomo and Associated. actually they were made by Yokomo and were stock wings for Yoke 4WDs and a few of Japanese version RC10s. I'v been searching them for months after my rc buddy broke my pink wing on YZ10. then found them a few weeks ago. it's pretty hard to pick up one for my RC10


  1. Awesome buy those mate, rarely seen new and for that price you can't go wrong.

  2. nylon wings are somewhat stupid and somewhat beautiful to me. haha

    1. Hi Burst,
      really like your RC10, I am searching for a nylon wing for a long time can you help me out?
      Kind regards

    2. Hi Rob
      are you rc10talk forum member? maybe you can find one there. and I still have 2 NIP wings. but I cannot tell you what I can do for you at this moment. I'll be back to you after the weekend. please post your email address or mail me to 59burst at