May 2, 2011

RC10 A&L trailing arms project #1

I love A&L setup with their original graphite chassis. but failed to get one off ebay. then, I started this project. got a pair of arms, and another set of conversion kit. and finally got a NIB fiberglass kit. have enough bullets for building a few runners now

there are few nice build pictures on the web. here are some nice examples

David, AKA Asso_man!

Tanaka, the famous Time Tunnel guy

Rich, AKA RichieRich

m_vice's build with some nice ideas and custom parts

my project was started with a of pair of arm which was taken from RCtech board. the arms have longer posts for A&L chassis as you can see. then got a converted RC10 from my friend Al. the arms are identical of course. only the differences are mounting posts and the plates

I saved the arms with longer posts for my later complete A&L build. and made 2 slots to mount the conversion plates. actually the chassis was the first step of this project

it looks pretty much finished. and I started to strip out the dyed and roughly cut shocks mounts

I wasn't sure if I could use the shock mounts when I got them. but they turned to be clean and white. then I drilled extra holes on the original tower to put the parts on the right places with modern 1.18 shock bodies and 1.02 shafts

and I got this built and almost finished

I can still use Turbo Mirage without cutting 'cause I put re-drilled original rear tower. even the wing tubes as well. I'll try Protech and more later

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