June 25, 2011

how to get the teeth (grooves) of the belts

I'm after some color belts for my '94 YZ10 runner. but didn't know the teeth of the front belt. so.......... I counted it myself.
it had 170 teeth on it. but I needed to make sure. it could be 169 or 171 if I made a mistake. so I checked the length. it's a circle you know, so I had to fold it, and got 254mm length. but this still could be wrong 'cuase the belt is not a thin paper. the actual length should be longer than 254mm

254 x2 = belt length = 508
we know the pitch is 3mm
508/3 = 169.333333333

so I tried 255mm
255 x 2 = 510
510/3 = 170

then got a conclusion 510mm is the right length. but this turned to a bad joke. there was already 510 written on the belt

510 3M 3.5
length 510mm
pitch 3mm
width 3.5mm

the answer was right in front of me. but didn't know it before my hard labor. rear belt is 64T btw


  1. Hehe, which belts are you going for dude?

  2. Cool, is it possible to hook me up with some of those? Email me?

  3. I'll mail you when I find them. how is it going with rc10 worlds btw? did you find everything you need?

  4. Ah thanks dude, RC10 Worlds... I've been trying to find a set of rear arm mounts but am having problems finding a new set in black - its a waiting game for these. Otherwise rest of parts like shocks, driveshafts, screws, nuts & washers are readily available and those I will order after I find these rear arm mounts.

  5. I got the same problem with rear arm mount too. did you find white ones then?

  6. Yes I've seen a couple of new white sets come up, I'm building an all black model though.

  7. Dylon will work. I tried it and the result was great