July 28, 2011

my new avatar

recycle means crazy sick love for RC10. also stands for endless buying and selling. haha!

RC10 image came from here

July 21, 2011

tamiya fast attack original cage parts

had a Fast Attack at 80's. I believe it was '85 or '86 when I got it with JR Beat 2 radio. I'm not a big fan of tamiya at all. actually don't like them 'cause they put crappy parts in the kits to make money from their overpriced optional parts with exaggerated advertising claims

anyway, Fast Attack was one of their best products ever. it ran well and the price was good too. they re-released this famous one a couple of weeks before. and, I'm thinking of getting one over. even I got this original cage from rc10talk member Eddie a couple of months ago

now you can see why I like these parts. re-re FAV came with black cage which cannot be painted or dyed. the black cage is not bad. but I want one from my memory if I get one again

some nice original pics

Fast Attack Vehicle 2011

July 12, 2011

9th July 2011 Korean Vintage Race Round 3

got some pics from my vintage race buddies. enjoy!