December 1, 2012

Team Losi Street Weapon IWC Edition

this one was supposed to be converted to a rally racer. but I didn't get a chance yet. 'cause I haven't see the parts for rally conversion for a while

anyway, this IWC (IFMAR World Championship) edition seems to be attractive itself. it came with a additional manual just like XX4 WE

here goes the pics

the additional manual is started with B. it's the first page here. you can see B through H from this manual

"iphone + photoshop + blogspot" show wrong direction of pics sometimes like these

page A is still on the older manual. but the belts are different than the original one. 

then the slotted graphite chassis

August 29, 2012

Yokomo '95 YZ10 W.C.S Aka Pavidis parts list

I made this list from Asso_man!'s RC10talk thread a couple of years ago. and just notice the file I uploaded has been missing.

hrere goes the thread

the scanned images are here. please click the pics for the original size.
and, feel free to ask the MS excel file through the forum, or this blog


July 4, 2012

Beetle - Smartphone Stand Holder Youtube Video

a friend of mine sent me this nice footage. enjoy it

and these awesome pics as well

June 27, 2012

make your smartphone stand alone - 아이미코 비틀

my friend and myself made this smartphone stand holder recently. the idea came to his head during a flight. he was sitting on the economy class as usual. and you know the usual cell phone holders can't provide the right angle at the small space.

and here comes the Beetle, 3 step smartphone stand holder. I think the pictures can tell everything you need

I don't like this large 5" cell phone myself. and, it's just my personal taste. but, you know there are lots of people prefer this huge 5" screen. 

I'm still using somewhat old iPhone 3GS. and I see people like me everyday. you know iPhone rules. and 3GS looks and feels better than 4/4S to me.
actually, the prototype was designed for iPhone and other smartphones with usual 3.5" to 4.2" screens

I took more pics with other cell phones being sold in Korea. we needed to test many cellphones as we could. every single cell phone got more than 2 buttons on the side with different positions. and, Beetle's 3 claws can handle every cellphone without any jamming with them