April 28, 2013

Levi's big E 70505-0217 Type III - vintage or not?

i found this at an old second handed shop in Andong which is famous for Korean traditional masks. Andong is not a crowded place actually it's very calm and everything looks old.

i still have a few 517 jeans with orange tab from 70's. and this jacket has quite right denim for it's age. but i'm not sure if it's a original or from LVC (Levi's Vintage Clothing) yet

anyway, this 70505-0217 looks old and authentic to me. i have searched and found a few webs sites got the same or similar images of mine

the jacket on this web site got a yellow tape like mine, with same Big E red tab

and according to this page, mine has the patch made between 1969~1983

but mine came with big E tap, so i can assume mine was produced between 1969~1971. also i could see mine came with single low stitching

i hope someone tells me more about my jacket. here are more pics

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