July 31, 2015

Retro Bj4.3 parts 3

Needed to see the B44.3 chassis to make a new chassis for this project. got the chassis along with the original Bj4 chassis. it's the first time to see the original version. and I can see the wheelbase is identical to Bj4 worlds edition.

B44.3 chassis is 4mm longer than B44's. but still the Bj4 and B44 bodies fit the chassis. the structure is different for the front and rear bulkheads. Bj4 was built with Nitro TC3 parts. and B44 series has it's own bulkheads and tranny, diff cups and more

you can check the wheelbase here

And, the under tray came from B44.2 Bulldog body set from Pro-line

With some original Bj4 parts from Jconcepts, AE, and Losi

this posting came from these two

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