July 9, 2015

Yokomo YZ10, Works, and 870C universal drives info

 Probably, I posted this somewhere. and I'm doing this again to remind my memory.

it's the simple comparison

'94 / '95 / '97 YZ10 front > '94~'97 YZ10 rear = Works '91 / '92 / '93 Front = Works Rear = 870C front long version (with outer mount hole on the front arms) > 870C Front = 870C Rear

so, there are only 3 different lengths from Yokomo from '87 through '97.
but, there are more than one model number for the same length. it's about the solidity.

870C universal drive, ZC-421 (front long version ZC-422) are softer than ZC-422A which is Works F/R universal drive. but ZC-422 and ZC-422A still have the same length.

there are ZC-423, ZC-423S, and ZD-423. all they are for '94~'97 YZ10 front and the differences are solidity as well. it's just about the material

Yokomo keeps testing and making new parts for their current and next models. it's the reason they keep changing the model numbers and making newer ones. I respect that

From left to right,
ZD-423 = post '94 YZ10 front, super hard version (same length with ZC-423, ZC423S)
ZD-422 = post '94 YZ10 rear, super hard version (same with ZC-422A which is for Works)
ZC-422 = 870C front long version (same with ZD-422, and ZC-422A)
ZC-421 = 870C F/R

the actual length from the end to the other end is
107mm, 101mm, and 96mm
the length from the end to the universal joint is 25mm


  1. This is great information. Thank you for taking the time to assemble this resource. Do you happen to know where I could source Yokomo universals? I'm running several buggies from an '87 870C with the long arms front and rear to a 94 YZ-10. I'm having some wear issues and need replacements. Thanks!

  2. the best source is and there is a Facebook group vintage yokomo. both worth to try